On 1 January 1983 our law firm was founded by attorney-at-law and notary public Walter who still manages the law firm jointly with his son Werner who is also an attorney-at-law and a notary public. Dr. Markus Thier, attorney-at-law and notary public strenghten our team of lawyers and partners.


The law office is located in the historic spa quarter of Bad Homburg, more specific in the rooms of a landmarked villa dating 1869 just across the old parc and old golf course.


We consider ourselves primarily as legal consultants. True to the motto "predictable arrows can be avoided" our main focus is to proactively assist our clients in order to avoid any legal conflicts in the best way. At the same time we want to be a pathfinder for our clients, a guide through the maze of legal regulations and contractual stipulations that even for experienced entrepreneurs are difficult to assess. It is important for us not to approach legal problems from a dogmatic point of view but to support our clients with a legal view and to find pragmatic solutions. We want to show our clients how things can be done and not how the can't be done. 


In case of legal conflicts we have learned that a mediative attititude of a lawyer usually is more consctructive and cheaper as to aggravate conflicts usually ending in time-consuming, unpredictable and expensive law suits.


Nevertheless we know that not any and all conflicts can be conciliated and that in some cases a judicial review is inevitable and in such cases all our lawyers are ready to assist you with unrestricted commitment and verve at all local courts, district courts and higher regional courts all over Germany.



What do you Need a notary for?